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Private sessions available by appointment.

I started the Beginner Pilates class in January. My goal was to work on my core strength and balance. I am no longer going to the chiropractor and I feel that I am improving my balance and posture. Being able to continue these sessions over Zoom has helped me so much during this time of social distancing.
Martha K.
Kim at Bodyworks has changed my life. Not only has she been able to take away longstanding pain, but she's taught me about body awareness and alignment so that now, in my 60s, I feel better than I did in my 20s. She's warmhearted and funny, and she has an eagle's eye for the hundreds of ways a body can start to get off kilter. Her classes rarely seem hard. They simply perform miracles.
Erin M.
Kim’s Pilates classes are not to be missed! Kim is so knowledgeable, positive, and kind. Her classes move you in an organized pattern to maximize each person’s potential. Her classes as well as her private lessons are designed to not only support each person, but also to challenge each one. I look forward to her wisdom, her expertise, and her charming personality each week.
Anne S.
Liza Sweeting, though young, has the poise and teaching skill you would expect from someone with many more years' experience. Like Kim, she creates a very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in her classes. She is especially good at offering variations to suit a range of experience levels and joint issues, and at knowing when to give reminders about proper position or technique.
Laurie S.
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I started working with Kim Butters in 2008. I have pretty severe scoliosis, and my spine is rotated. On top of that, one leg is an inch shorter than the other. My pain and stiffness got progressively worse, and I was having visions of ending up in a wheelchair. When I met Kim, I started to see that exercise could help me more than the surgeries I had been recommended. I've grown 1/2 inch in height at a time when my friends are shrinking. I can ride a bike, garden, hike, and manage well on a day-to-day basis after starting to work with Kim. Every time I've had an injury or new ache, Kim has taught me how to strengthen my joints and improve my balance, so I can heal and keep going. I am more grateful for her help than I can ever express, and I intend to keep attending her classes as long as I can.
Kathy S.
I have taken Pilates classes with Kim Butters ever since she began offering them in Sewanee. When I am faithful in my attendance, I am definitely in better shape, feel healthier, and keep my weight more under control. Kim has a special gift of sensitivity to the needs of those in her classes. She is unfailingly cheerful and encouraging, which inspires me to keep coming to class. I would recommend Kim and her work to anyone. Liza is very clear in her directions for the various exercises in her class. She allows for adaptations to a range of abilities. She is very professional, positive, and encouraging.
Yolande G.
The humor and delight Liza brings to her classes are infectious, helping us push just a little bit past our limitations. "Don't worry if your legs are shaking," she says. "That's just you getting stronger." She never asks too much, but she does ask enough. And her classes, always varied and interesting, whiz past.
Erin M.
Kim Butters is an excellent teacher. Her instructions are easy to understand (though not necessarily easy to do!), and her approach is always positive and caring. My primary care doctor and (especially) chiropractor are very happy that I'm practicing Pilates. After I had been taking Kim's classes for a while, some friends came to visit and we went hiking. They commented that my stride seemed smoother and easier than when we had hiked in the past - all the credit for that goes to the improved balance and stronger core that come from Pilates classes.
Laurie S.
I have taken Pilates with Kim for the 13 years she has taught in Sewanee. It has helped me with strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation. It prepared me for knee surgery and helped me to recover quickly. What makes Kim’s classes unique is her sensitivity to what kind of exercise we might need week to week and her personal care of all of us. How lucky we are to have her on the mountain. -Barbara Prunty
Barbara P.
Liza is such an addition to our Pilates classes. She is very professional, precise in her direction as well as being encouraging. She is a bright spot in our week.
Barbara P.