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Tab 1
Appropriate for anyone new to Pilates

  • Learn about the fundamentals of healthy movement that align and protect your bones and joints and improve balance.
  • Learn stretches and fascial release techniques to help you achieve optimal alignment and better body awareness.
  • Learn Pilates principals step by step, carefully working them into Pilates Mat exercises. Modifications and corrections are provided as needed, so that you will achieve optimum strength and correct form.
You will look and feel like a new person!!

Tuesday & Thursday

Tab 2
Appropriate for anyone with some Pilates experience

  • Continue building your strength and understanding of Pilates principals of healthy movement and how they translate to every activity in your life.
  • The addition of weights, bands, foam rollers, balance balls and Magic Circles with a constant variation of routines will keep you challenged and progressing.

Monday & Wednesday

Tuesday & Thursday

Tab 3
Appropriate for anyone engaged in athletic activities

Want to take a few strokes off your game or hit the ball farther and more accurately with less risk of injury?

This class works on the center line of movement in the body much like a golf swing or the ground strokes in tennis.

Core strength that is gained through Pilates aids in hip rotation, range of motion, and spinal stability. Increases in stability and rotation lead to a more powerful and accurate swing or stroke.

Watch your game improve in power, control, and flexibility!


Tab 4
Appropriate for anyone and all ages

Are you plagued by tight shoulders, hips or other areas?

This class uses contract/release stretching with props and standing, sitting and lying variations to stretch you from head to toe. The result is much better posture and no more nagging pain and discomfort.


Tab 5
Appropriate for anyone and all ages

These sessions are a more strenuous, faster-paced workout for those with Pilates experience on the Pilates equipment. Make an appointment with two friends to do a reformer session targeting arms and legs, Wunda chair session targeting deep core and balance, spine corrector session targeting flexibility and inversion, or a circuit session of all three.


Tab 6
Appropriate for anyone and all ages

These sessions begin with a confidential video and discussion with your instructor to assess your posture and physical needs and goals. The instructor may then use the heated SmartSpine approach or other fascial release methods for more ease of movement, as you stretch and work through exercises chosen specifically to meet your needs.

Schedule a 55-minute session

Tab 7
Appropriate for anyone and all ages with similar skill and abilities

These are semi-private sessions that may also use the heated SmartSpine or other fascial release methods for more ease of movement, as you both stretch and work through exercises chosen to meet both partners' needs and goals.

Join an instructor during their own workout program as their workout partner!

Schedule a 55-minute session

Tab 8
Appropriate for anyone and all ages

These classes are offered for a series of weeks, designed to help participants integrate the Pilates principles into specific activities such as cycling, horseback riding, etc. They may also focus on helping participants deal with specific issues such as scoliosis, arthritis, knee replacement, etc.

No Pilates experience required.


Tab 9
FREE Stress Relief & Relaxation Class
(Streamed online to your home)

Appropriate for anyone and all ages

Created to help folks deal with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, This class is a luxurious body awareness meditation designed to help you let go of stress and worries. It’s a mini vacation in an hour!

We use heated, bath or beach towels and guided imagery to relax and passively decompress the full length of the spine and all your tight areas. You will walk away feeling and looking taller, moving more easily, with better balance and beautiful posture!


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