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      Bodyworks changed my life. My pain is gone. In my 60s, I feel better than I did in my 20s. Kim is warmhearted and funny, and she has an eagle's eye for the ways a body can get off kilter. Her classes perform miracles.
      Erin M.
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      Kim is knowledgeable, positive, and kind. Her classes move in an organized pattern to maximize each person’s potential. They are challenging but supportive, but I look forward to her wisdom, expertise, and her charming personality each week.
      Anne S.
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      I have severe scoliosis, and one leg is an inch shorter than the other. After a lot of pain, I had visions of ending up in a wheelchair. With Kim's help, I've "grown" 1/2 inch; I can ride a bike, garden, and hike. After every injury or new ache, Kim has taught me how to strengthen joints and improve balance, so I can heal and keep going.
      Kathy S.
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      Liza is such an addition to our Pilates classes. She is very professional, precise in her direction as well as being encouraging. She is a bright spot in our week.
      Barbara P.
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      Liza is very clear in her directions for the various exercises in her class. She allows for adaptations to a range of abilities. She is very professional, positive, and encouraging.
      Yolande G.

OUR MISSION is to educate people—from collegiate students to those well into their twilight years—about how the body works and to enable them to move with ease and strength.

Located on the beautiful 13,000-acre campus of the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, Bodyworks Youniversity is a perfect setting for our restorative work. We want your experience to be a “tiny vacation” from your busy life, to learn how to destress and unwind your body and soul.

We offer private and duet sessions that use heat and stretching on Pilates equipment to release and align your body before taking you to core strengthening exercises. We also offer Pilates mat classes to strengthen and tone your body, as well as to educate you about what each exercise is designed to achieve.

Scenes from our American Legion Studio

Bodyworks gets creative for Covid! Scenes from our front porch studio during the summer.

Sewanee 37375 Campaign

I am proud to be a member of the Sewanee Business Alliance! I invite you to join the latest good community improvement project our organization is helping to lead. The "Sewanee We" logo is part of the "37375 Campaign," a joint fundraising project of the Sewanee Civic Association and the Sewanee Business Association. The 37375 Campaign is trying to raise the town's ZIP Code -- $37,375 -- between now and September 30. Funds raised will be used for the purchase and distribution of COVID-related health and safety gear for daycares, churches, schools, nonprofits, and businesses all over the Sewanee community in an effort to make this whole wonderful town as safe as possible. For more details and to make a tax-deductible donation, go to

Bodyworks Youniversity Moves to the American Legion Hall

Bodyworks Youniversity will be located in the American Legion Hall on University Ave in downtown Sewanee starting September 1, 2020.  The gray brick building is located next to Angel Park where classes have been held since the Covid 19 outbreak in mid March.  The hall offers plenty of room for social distancing for both classes and private/duet sessions using the equipment.  Classes will also continue to be simulcast via Zoom.

New Beginner Class Starts September 1, 2020 at Angel Park/American Legion Hall in Sewanee

The class will start by educating you about the fundamentals of healthy movement that align and protect your bones and joints and improve the balance. Stretching and facial release techniques are taught at the beginning of each class to help you achieve a more optimal alignment and better body awareness. The Pilates principals are then taught step by step, carefully building into the Pilates Mat exercises. Modifications and corrections are provided as needed so that you will achieve optimum stLrength and correct form. You will look and feel like a new person!!

Beginner Classes will meet 5:30 pm on Tuesday/ Thursday.  Classes will also be simulcast on Zoom.  Please email for the class link.

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Currently at American Legion Hall
or on Zoom app.

(423) 322-1443


9-10 • 12-1

Private sessions available by appointment.